Palliative Care Volunteer Managers

Volunteer Managers or Volunteer Coordinators have a very significant role in directing and supporting volunteers in hospices and involved in palliative care and therefore in providing support for the service as a whole. The time given by volunteers is free however significant resources are required to provide effective and adequate support to volunteers.

The role of a volunteer manager or coordinator is wide ranging and demanding, they are responsible for the:

  • Recruitment of hospice volunteers
  • Orientation and training of hospice volunteers
  • Matching Hospice volunteers to appropriate roles
  • Liaising with other hospice staff in the overall running of the volunteer programme
  • Performance review and ongoing development of volunteers
  • Ensuring volunteer recognition
  • Handling grievances and complaints
  • Policy development and Strategic Planning for future development of volunteer programme

There are a number of freely available resources which might support and inform volunteer managers.

Volunteer Managers Networks
Toolkits, Handbooks and Standards
Volunteering in Hospices and Palliative Care Settings