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Kathleen Ruddy: Shaun Doherty Show Interview 30/10/2015

To mark what would have been Kathleen's 59th birthday, Cause Way of Coins have uploaded the poignant interview she did with Shaun Doherty for his show on Highland Radio. It was recorded during Palliative Care Week in October 2015, just three weeks before the end of her battle with cancer. 

Her words touched the hearts of the people of Donegal, and beyond, and her bravery and faith were truly inspirational. 

“We received hundreds of calls, letters, texts and messages as a family commending Kathleen’s interview on the Shaun Doherty Show,” says Daniel Ruddy, Kathleen’s husband. “Everyone was so touched by her words. We realised every family were in some way touched by the work of the Donegal Hospice.”

We launched Kathleen's Causeway of Coins to help raise money for the Donegal Hospice in Kathleen’s memory. If you'd like to help support their remarkable work, you can donate online at

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